The new frontier for classics? A classic without borders.

Copiosa is a rich seating collection produced with that matchless quality rooted in the Manzano Chair Triangle, an area of Italy that has understood for centuries what chair-making is all about.
Copiosa is globetrotting whilst comfortably seated; its items are hardy perennials, designed with market awareness in the hospitality and contract sectors, where factors of ergonomics, sturdiness, durability and versatility are absolutely essential. The result of years of experience supplying innumerable international fit-outs in a wide variety of locations, Copiosa combines style and versatility, ranging from wood to metal, thereby successfully meeting worldwide market needs.
The Copiosa world is a burgeoning range, fertile with new lines that enrich the collection with ever-new stimulations, always sober and contemporary in style.
Copiosa is a world of projects for projects all over the world. For quality without borders.